Callback module outbound route

Hello! I would like to specify the outbound route at the callback module. I tried to set a prefix to the called back number field and cut that prefix with an outbound route but the call fails. How can I do that?

For background, see Hang up incoming call and ring back

The use case for this would actually tell us a lot more about how we’d recommend you proceed. For most cases where people want to do this, the prefix/remove method works pretty well. If you could show us the failed call in your /var/log/asterisk/full file (and post is to we might also be able to troubleshoot your specific implementation.

The supported way to do this, and the way it would work elsewhere in FreePBX is with a dial prefix. At present there is no prefix field in the GUI for this purpose. I have done a quick and dirty fork of callback and added a dial prefix field, here:

If you want to clone from that fork and test, go ahead. It needs some review and qa but eventually I will get it merged back into the master.


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