Callback - Maximum Channels


I have a system that makes a lot of ‘callback’ calls, and have discovered that the ‘max channels’ setting in freepbx doesn’t work for calls made via callback.

With a normal outgoing call the channel making the outgoing call (SIP/2002-0a1f4ac8 for eg.) adds itself to the group for the trunk it uses, then when the call is finished, it is removed from the group.

However, with callback “Local/[email protected]” actually makes the call and adds itself to the group. Then, when the person being called back answers, “Local/[email protected]” hangs up and the call is transfered to the destination of the callback. This means that the channel is cleared/removed from the trunk’s group as soon as the person being called back answers.

Local/[email protected] does open the channel (e.g.)“SIP/provider-2af8” and this remains open until the call is completed, so if I could add that channel to the trunk group it would work… I just have no idea how…

I really needs to get this working, this is almost the only function of this system so I don’t mind breaking other things to get this going if need be.


I do not have a solution to your problem but would like some help from you. Please may you tell me how you setup callback for your extensions. I have failed to set it up. Please help me.