Callback - disa

Hi all,

What I’m trying to achieve-
We have outworkers who we want to be able to call clients via the company pbx. We do not want the outworkers to incur any cost with this process.
We have trawled the various forums and advice sites and find various answers that are vague enough to confuse the hell out of us and have varying degrees of success but none seem to be very definitive nor do they appear to be for the version of FreePBX we are using.

We are using FreePBX that is fully up to date.

What we’ve tried-
We have tried setting up an inbound route to identify the inbound CLID then route to callback which has a destination after callback of the DISA (password protected) but we do not appear to get a response from the pbx (we hear nothing when calling in on the DID). We have tried every combination in the inbound route for identifying the inbound call source (DID/CLID) with the same results.
It does work if we set up the inbound route to go straight to the DISA but the outworkers would incur expense which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Does anybody have the answer for FreePBX please?


I don’t use callback even though I have the module installed, so I can’t give you any real-world experience, but just looking at the module it seems to me that one thing that could go wrong is if it detects a caller ID that it’s incapable of dialing. To test this theory, enter an actual phone number in the Callback Number field, then call in and see if it calls that one specific number back. If it does, then most likely you are getting 10 digit caller ID but your outbound routes are only set up to process calls dialed with 11 digits, or something of that nature.