Callback app, Agent First

I have a blended Avaya/Asterisk environment. Asterisk for call treatments and Avaya for agents and queues.

FreePBX/Asterisk 14.

I want to create an app,

  • That collected information from the caller
  • Stores them as channel variables
  • Lets the caller hang up, but keeps the call up and dials the agents queue (in Avaya).
  • Once the agent answers they will hear a message to press 1 to begin a callback.
  • Once the agent pushes 1, the original caller is called back and connected with the agent.

I know how to do most of this, what I want to avoid is on the first leg of the call, how do I stop the caller’s hang up from wiping out the entire call?

Another way to ask, is how do I disconnect the caller, and keep the call alive so it can call Avaya?

If you have alternate advice on how to accomplish something similar (other than putting the agents in Asterisk), I am open to that feedback as well. Thanks in advance!

You could apply a hangup handler to the first call so that when the caller hangs up, the hangup handler is executed that then does an ORIGINATE to set up a new call to the queue. You would then need to pass the channel variable values to the second call using the b or B option on the originate. It’s possible that the channel variables may still be available on the second call if you define them with the double underscores, not sure about that one.

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