Call waiting with announcement to caller on hold

HI all,

Is there any way that we can enable any announcement for the callers who are queued in call waiting.

for example I have enabled a call waiting in my phone system and I want my callers to hear an announcement that the person you are trying to reach is on another call. It’s kind like a telco company.

Is that possible.


That is not Call Waiting. Call Waiting allows a device to accept more than one incoming call.

Are you referring to a queue?

when you enable call waiting then user can be notified during an active call in place. he will be notified by a new call and he is allowed to take that call but in that case the person who is calling just thinks that the call is like normal going and ringing the B-Party extension but actually the B-Party is on another call.

I want to notify the A-Party the calling party to listen to some message like in telcos when B-Party is on another call but he also enabled call waiting then the A-Party will hear a message that “the party you are trying to reach is on another call” and then it gives ring to the B-Party.

You’re still describing Call Waiting, a standard phone service regardless of SIP or analog. Just like any Call Waiting service it will send an indicator to alert you that there is a new call coming in. In analog there is a beep or stutter that is played over the line to the user.

With SIP phones, they are multi-line and more interactive. So if you have multiple appearances, you can have it not only beep but the next available line appearance will happen, in some cases the phone will not only beep but also show the call details on the screen. If you have a single line appearance the line will blink while you hear the beep.

This is not something that can be done in the PBX GUI directly. You would have to write custom dialplan so that when new calls came in it checks to see if the device is on an inbound call and if CW is enabled then do something with that call. Such as play your announcement and then dial the device.

Basically you would have to change how devices are called overall to get your desired results.

If only one or two extensions need this and the phones have spare line appearances:

Assign a secondary extension to the phone. For the primary extension, set Call Waiting to Disable and route Optional Destination Busy to an Announcement. Route the Announcement to the secondary extension. Set up the secondary extension to use the primary’s voicemail.

This is not a robust solution because if the secondary is in use but the call on the primary has been cleared, a third call will ring the primary without an announcement, but it may be adequate for a quick workaround.

The proper solution is as @BlazeStudios said.

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