Call Waiting Problem

we have a problem with our phone system setup.
We have Dinstar GSM Gateway with a SIM card in it.
We have SIP Trunk between Dinstar and FreePBX and a SIP extension which is connected to a Zoiper softphone.
We have call waiting feature turned on for a SIP card on Dinstar.
But call waiting feature is not working.
Say Client1 calls to Zoiper and starts conversation.
Then Client2 calls to Zoiper and Client1 is put on waiting while Client2 call is ringing on Zoiper.
We need Call waiting feature to work as intended so that Client1 not put on waiting and continue conversation while while Client2 is ringing Zoiper.

That sounds like a setting in Zoiper. Asterisk/FreePBX can’t do that to an extension that I am aware of.

The same behavior is with x-lite, so it can not be Zoiper configuration.

DId you mean SIM card. In any case, this setting doesn’t seem to be related to Asterisk.

How do these clients relate to the Dinstar?

Asterisk could be made to do something like the described behaviour (subject to some missing details in the description of that behaviour). However, I doubt that FreePBX can, and my current best interpretation is that this is Dinstar behaviour.

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Many thanks for your answer.

  1. Yes we turn on Call Waiting feature on SIM card inserted in Dinstar.
  2. I mean Clients calling on SIM number inserted in Dinstar. The call is then routed to FreePBX and then to Zoiper.
  3. We made some testing and here are results:

Call Waiting works in case Zoiper is connected directly to the Dinstar.
Also it is working with extensions inside FreePBX.
It works even in a case when first call coming from Dinstar and second from FreePBX extension.
But in case when both calls are coming from same SIM number from Dinstar, it does not.
I doubt that problem is with integration of both systems, single devices by themselves are working good with this feature.

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