Call Waiting on Multiline IP650

On our existing Alcatel system our receptionist has a console with 10 line keys. When an incoming call comes in to the queue she can see how many people are waiting depending on how many line keys are lit (upto 10)

I have an IP650 and trying to get the same to work with the 6 line keys that are available but it’s not working the way I thought it would.

I have set up a queue with the phone as a static agent. No Follow-Me or Call Forward is set. The ring strategy is ring all with Skip Busy Agents set to NO.

The IP650 is set up with one extension number and has Call Waiting enabled and in end point manager I have set the Line Keys for Line 1 to be 6.

When I ring the queue the first line key flashes, however when I ring the queue from another phone nothing displays to show that another call is waiting until I answer the first. When I answer the first the second line key lights up. If I ring in again with a 3rd call the 3rd line key does not light up until I answer the second etc etc

Is this normal behaviour or not?

Why are you using a queue? Will more than one extension need to answer the calls? I have done this many times with one extension on the phone and the phone config set to display multiple lines.

Other users need to join the queue to pickup calls during busy days. This is going to be done with dynamic members logging in.

Thinking about it theres no need for the receptionist to know that theres ‘x’ amount of calls waiting, they can only speak to one person at a time and having the phone flashing like a christmas tree is just going to be distracting. I’ll wind the phone down to 2 line keys which gives some more speed dials for them.

If they need to know the queue status then i can investigate something web based. I know isymphony can do it but i’ve disabled that due to it eating up a HUGE amount of memory (namely Java) on the server.