Call Waiting Module not updating correctly (version

I just recently updated my distro to FreePBX I updated all the modules via Module Admin and went back a few time to make sure they were all updated.

After a few visits to the module admin, I noticed I was trying to update the same module quite a few times:

Call Waiting version

I don’t know if this is an error. I have tried to uninstall and re-install the module, but I end up with the same issue.

OBSERVATION: The module version is Perhaps there is a typo in the update? Is the module version supposed to be Could this cause the endless loop of update requests?

On my 4.211.64-7 updated I can confirm that callwaiting module, once manually updated from to (via CLI with the usual commands’ sequence: module_admin showupgrade, module_admin upgrade callwaiting and module_admin a r), is still reported as callwaiting by both FreePBX GUI (FreePBX Notice) and module_admin showupgrade.

Its installation went flawlessly but the system doesn’t recognize it as updated.

Confirmed here too.

This should be resolved in now.

Issue gone in my system with upgrade to callwaiting Thanks Tony.

CONFIRMED: Problem resolved with ver;