Call waiting is not working when using Queues (works with Ring Groups)

Call waiting is working when Im useing Ring Group for my extentions, but when Im using Queues it doesnt work, aldough is enabled everywhere , on Extention, and on the Grandstram Phone,
any ideas?

I would believe the use of queues would obviate the use of call waiting. Think about the relative purposes of each. CW is used to notify a user that there is an incoming call so that some action can be taken. A queue is used place a call in line to be answered without operator intervention, then connect the call with the next available operator. A que is just what it says…like the cash register line at Wal-Mart. Customers are taken in the order in which they get in line. Having call waiting in a queue is like breaking in line or having the cashier stop checking out the current customer to tell the latest customer that they are in line. The customer already knows that. A well designed queue will impart to the caller the same information.

Got it, thank you Bill.
I could use ring group and would have no problem, but with Ring group Follow me for extension is not working. Any ideas on that?

There are 3 extensions


I know I could add Cell number to Ring group instead follow me, but the owner of that extension (101) want to have 3-4 rings delay, before it will start calling his cell.

I’m not in a position right now to check this out right now, but I believe you could use the failover here. Maybe failover to another ring group that is identical to first with the exception that it includes the cell number, fail over to a misc destination that calls the cell number, or something like that. Mosttimes you can get what you want by chaining various functionons/applications.