Call Waiting from the caller point of view

Call Waiting is a great feature for the CALLED user.
But in my company the average CALLER gets crazy, because it does not know if, at the other side, the colleague is speaking (and receiving call waiting alert) or is absent and so not answering.

At the end my boss decided to remove call waiting feature from every phone.

But I’m thinking… is there a way to NOTIFY the caller that the called person is present ? Of course I’m speaking of LOCAL EXTENSION to LOCAL EXTENSION calls.

If so, I could re-activate call waiting to everyone and, simply, the caller could get an audio warning “the called person has call waiting activated… wait please…” before normal ringtone.

Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance. Stefano

AsteriskNOW 1.7 with FreeBPX

I am speaking of Call Waiting feature. I think you are speaking of Call Forwarding instead, which is completely different matter.

To my knowledge only the Aastra phones with the Aastra xml package supports presence in the manner you describe.

Sorry for not being clear.

When I call my colleague X on an extension in the same LAN, and X does not answer me, I would like to know if X is ABSENT or X is in busy in another conversation and has Call Waiting activated.

Modern phone system like the virtual PBX had this call forwarding service that would sequentially ring telephone and forwards calls to several user-defined phone numbers. Calls can even be forwarded to mobile phone while away from office, or to a nearby land line when cellular reception isn’t available. When there are no available phone line to take the call you also have the option to forward it to voicemail service.

I read your message 5 times and have no idea what you are trying to ask.

I suggest you clarify your question.