Call Waiting - Audio drops out on existing call on new incoming call

FreePBX 10.13.66-11
Aastra 6867i Firmware

Here’s the scenario:

User is on a call. Another call comes in. While that second call comes in the audio from the first call is cut off. It returns when the second call is done ringing.

Now I’m not sure when this problem started. I did update to the latest firmware a couple weeks ago, so that is going to be my first step. I just wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts before I did so.

I had this issue happen to me too also on Aastra 6800 series phones.

Few things I ended up doing that seemed to resolve it:

  1. Make sure your FreePBX modules are up-to-date… I can’t remember which update it was… but I’m now on the “edge” track for updates and all modules are up to date as of now. One of the updates earlier this month seemed to resolve.

  2. In EPM, for Aastra phones, disable Call Stutter

  3. If using Rest Apps / Phone Apps might need to “fwconsole stop restapps” " fwconsole start restapps"
    and check to make sure restapps isn’t running inbetween. I has an issue doing restart.

  4. “fwconsole chown” and “fwconsole reload” shouldn’t hurt.

If that doesn’t fix it:

a) try a lower quality codec on the problem phones. like g.711 as the primary, and g.729 as secondary with all others disabled.

b) check network switch. is this happening on only one or a few phones, or all phones?

c) any side cars attached? I’ve heard there have been some issues with the recent 4.2 firmware and the sidecars… I have not experienced these issues (i don’t think), but I’ve heard there might be some issues there. Try unplugging them and see if that resolves the issue.


I am also experiencing this issue. Did any of the fixes mentioned by adolfoc remedy the problem?
I did notice on my system that the Restapps daemon wasn’t started and there was an update available.

I will start the daemon, update my system and reply to thread if that fixed my problem.