Call waiting announcement

I have call waiting enabled on my extensions. When a call comes in while I am on the phone, I can see the caller information. However, the caller who is calling is getting the standard ringing sound and ends up thinking I am not there etc. Is there a way to play an announcement or a message while its ringing so that the caller knows that I know they are waiting?

Don’t use Call Waiting? What you are describing is the precise reason I disable Call Waiting globally on all of the servers I install. Of all of the tools in the PBX box, this is the dullest and least useful you could pick.

Some alternatives:

  • Set up a queue with you as the only person in the queue. That gives you maximum flexibility while providing your callers with many positive experience situations.
  • Use the “Voicemail - Busy” option and have them leave you a voice mail.
  • Set up a ring group that rings other people’s phone when yours rings.