Call two extensions automatically when call finished


I wonder if this is possible:

Bob calls Alice while Alice is talking to someone, so the call cannot be completed. When Alice hang up, FPBX calls Bob either Alice, so both can talk inmediatelly.

Is this possible? Is tehre anny functionality for this?

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Yes it is possible but it would require a lot of custom coding inside FreePBX to make this happen. Because the only time Alice would not have to option to take another call, in FreePBX terms, is if Call Waiting was disabled on Alice’s extension. Of course, there could be a limitation at the phone level to stop a second call from ringing the phone but that’s rare.

You have to take into consideration things such as: Is Bob the only one that can have this feature? Will this be a feature for other “internal callers”? How will Alice’s extension know, while she’s on a call, that it’s Bob and that it should trigger an auto call back vs doing this for everyone that calls Alice?

So again, it is possible but not something that a couple lines of code are going to do.

This use to exist in asterisk call Camp On but was removed with pjsip and barely worked with the old chan sip driver.

Hi tonyclewis.

Do you think it should work with asterisk 13 and FPBX 13? Every extension I use is chan_sip.


Last I knew it had lots of bugs and no longer worked well. It never worked very reliable. I would not waste your time.

The OP is not asking for that. Please stay on topic.

You are right, I read the subject, but read the body too fast… Sorry about that.

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