Call Transfers

During a typical work day, a particular business has two different receptionists…receptionist A and receptionist B.

Receptionist A arrives at around 6:00 AM and needs all calls to go first to her phone, then to Receptionist B’s phone (if A misses it or is on the phone), then to Receptionist B’s voicemail (if it makes it that far).

At 8:30, Receptionist B arrives and all calls need to go to her phone or her voicemail. Receptionist A is out of the equation.

How can I set this up?

Is there a way to have all calls go to Receptionist B’s phone but have Receptionist A “intercept” those calls via some dial code?

Is there time features in freepbx where one call route can be swtiched to another call route at a set time?

Any help would be appreciated.

keep it simple. create a hunt group and make both phones ring A + B and if no answer VM to B.
so A will pick up phones 6-8:30, 8:30 and on B will get pick up the phones and if A is still around just tell her not to pick up any calls after 8:30?

that’s how i’d set that up.

You can setup a ring group
A -> B (memory hunt) -> B Voicemail
And a ring group
B -> B Voicemail

And use Time Conditions (in application menu) to select the ring group along with Time Groups to define the times.

Then have your incoming route (or ivd or what ever) point to the time condition.

google: freepbx wiki time conditions

I haven’t tried call pickup.

Thanks for the suggestions! I decided to keep it simpler yet. I didn’t realize that FreePBX had a pickup code. Since it is a very small office situation, I’m leaving the setup the same, but Receptionist A is using the **(ext #) code to intercept the calls. Thanks for the link brk!