Call transfer to busy extension

We would like to be able to “forcefully” transfer a call to a busy extension: I’m on the phone with a customer, I transfer the call to an extemnsion, but it’s busy (meanwhile the customer is on hold), is there a service code or any other solution to transfer the call to that extension anyway?
I would like to avoid using queues because no call-id is shown on the receiver’s phone (and besides you dial a different “extension”).
Thanks for your help

If I’m interpreting the question correctly, you want a busy phone to be able to receive an inbound call. You only need to ensure call waiting is enabled for the extension, and it will ring regardless of whether it’s in use or not.

Thanks Igaetz for your answer!
When I transfer a call, I’d like to able to know if the recipient is busy on another call and decide whether to blind transfer the call or retrieve it.
When call waiting is enabled, there isn’t a busy tone even if the recipient’s already on a call.

A BLF button will give the status of the dest extension before the transfer, otherwise you will prob have to use attended xfer so you can abandon the xfer if the far end doesn’t answer.

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