Call transfer tailed which creating call via TAPI

Hi guys,

I have a problem with call transfer and I need help to understand what is going wrong.

This is the setup:

  1. I initiate a call via TAPI application
  2. Extension is rining
  3. Hook off the external
  4. External phone is ringing and answer the call
  5. Putting external call on hold
  6. establish call to other extension
  7. transfer - result both calls ended

I was not able to find anything strange in the signalling and logs.

Any idea why I can’t transfer such call?

I can transfer the call if I dial directly from the extension and not via tha TAPI application.

Best regards

Well, we’re still going to need to see them to answer any of your questions.

Hi guys,
so I did some more analysis on the logs as I found out that the dial application from Windows is doing it right.
So I found out that the TAPI application is disconnecting the channel after the transfer.

[2018-10-16 17:44:31] VERBOSE[17167] manager.c: Manager 'TAPI' from, hanging up channel: PJSIP/69-00002713

So I will contact the application vendor to check if there is something else to configure on their side.

Best regards

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