Call Transfer related

I am new to FreePBX.
Can any one tell me what I have to set for call transfer on specific number?

What I want is,
My DID is 17035952023,
When caller dial this number then i want to transfer call to 7036376773 number.

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Basically what you are going to do is set up a “Misc Destination” and an “Inbound Route”.

Go to “Misc Destinations”, and create one (lets call it 6773), set “Dial” to 17036376773.

Then go to "Inbound Routes"
There you specify the special DID 17035952023 (or perhaps without the 1, depending on how your system handles it, i.e. 7035952023).
And at the bottom, Destination, set MiscDestination 6773

I did not test this, but I believe that is how you do it.
Note that for this to work, you must correctly have the DID being recognized. There might be various issues depending on what kind of an incoming line it is. If it is from a SIP VOIP provider, sometimes it comes through as “s”, and then you need to do the fix-up handling for that.
Or, if you have a POTS-line to a gateway or Zap channel, you need to set up the DID correctly for that.
Easiest is just try the above, and see if it works. Then if trouble, research handling this further.