Call transfer problem

Hi All, I have try to transfer a call using # but it is not working with openvz serve (asterisk + freepbx box) any idia .

By default it’s ## for unattended transfer and *2 for attended transfer - but you have to press the two buttons very quickly or it doesn’t work (unless you follow the advice at How to increase the time allowed between characters on in-call functions (such as ## to transfer, *1 to record, etc.).

Click on “Feature Codes” and make sure those defaults haven’t been changed (and if they have, change them back!). If it still doesn’t work then there is something non-standard about your setup and we can’t help you. If you really need it to work, try a different distribution such as Elastix or PBX in a Flash, or the new FonicaPABX or one of the latest versions of AsteriskNOW.