Call Transfer/Forwarding to a mobile phone

Hi. Im a newbie on FreePBX. Im using Trixbox v2.2.4 with freePBX 2.2.3. I can already make local (extension) and outside calls. Now, I want incoming calls to a extension to be transferred/forward automatically to a mobile phone everytime a extension is offline or even online. How can I do that? What other requirements do I need to make this happen? Tnx in advance.

Try here…

I’d also recommend that you upgrade freepbx to first.

tnx for helping but URL are not found.
I used to have freePBX, but Call Details Record for this version are not working. Its not showing any call records, and I cant find any way to make it work. Thats why I start from scratch and settled for freePBX 2.2.3.

ok I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to it trimming the end of the URL I added a space after the last / so you can see it…
first one is
Follow Me or VmX Locater: Which One is for You
second one is
Ring Group and Follow-Me Strategies (1 of 2)

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If you searched the site using the words you would have also found them.

as for CDR not working ours is working just fine for me on I have records they are current and updated every call. Unless you are doing something special then please describe it.

CDRs not working has nothing to do with FreePBX. If you asterisk configuration is setup correctly and your cdr_mysql.conf are setup properly then FreePBX has nothing to do with the CDRs. The most common reason for CDRs not working is because the asterisk addons are not properly installed. Second to that is wrong credentials in the conf file. Lastly, another common problem is the addons not compiled to include the UniqueID which is required for things like ARI.

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Tnx for all the help Sir. Right now, incoming calls to my extension can be transferred to my regular landline number and to my mobile. I used the simple “Follow Me” procedure. But right now Im thinking how to transfer it to an international number. Because right now I can only transfer to any number inside United States (I have US trunk), but I want to transfer it also to my local number when I am in other countries like the Philippines, Australia, China, etc. (I dont want to Roam my US number). Is that possible? How can I do that? tnx again in advance!

I want to be able to call into a did and access my dial tone for unlimited outgoing calls from my cell using the T-Mobile fav plan. Is there a feature in FreePBX that I can read about that does this?

msiam: You probably want to use the DISA feature that is built into FreePBX. Route the DID number to the DISA and be sure to use a strong PIN so you aren’t providing free calling to anybody that accidentally dials your DID and then realizes that they have a dial tone that will take them anywhere at no cost to them!

Hello all,

Is there a way to hear the CallerID announcement when a call is forwarded to a cellphone and before:
Playing ‘incoming-call-1-accept-2-decline’


is there a way to send the CID through the trunk (in case the provider let you)

also, any providers that you know of, that let you modify the caller-id on outgoing calls?