Call transfer creates 2 lines/channel


  • userA via PSTN calls userB (ext210)
  • userB transfers to userC ext211 (hits XFR button and then hits UserC’s extension) then hangs up.
  • userA gets music on hold
  • userC gets 2 blinking line indicators (from userB and userA). Line 1 is userB, line2 is userA (from PSTN).
  • userC picks up line2 (userA from PSTN) and talks, then hangs up the phone, during this time UserB’s line is still onhold and when userC hangs up, userC gets a ring from userB’s line… even though userB physically hanged up his phone from during the blind transfer process earlier.
  • UserC picks up userB’s call, but nothing there… no sound… nothing.
  • Running Asterisk Version : Asterisk
  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Dahdi Source Version : 2.2.1+2.2.1
  • Libpri Source Version :
  • Addons Source Version :

pls tell me what other info you need and i will post it.