Call transfer and announcement

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On my system all calls are answered primarily by the aa and the menu gives the caller several options to chose from now what i want is to be able to setup announcement so that for example, when the caller presses 1 for sales, the system would answer please wait while i connect your call to the sales department and then transfers the call to the appropriate extension… but if the caller dial in directly an extension number the system would say please wait while i connect your call to extension 4212 for example.

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Ok, I will play along, what kind of system?

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How to make the system says “Tranfering to the extension number” after the caller dials it from the ivr menu and if he chooses an option from the menu, like we have choose 1 for sales, the system will say transferring to sales after the caller presses 1. I hope I am clear, english is not my native language.

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Transfer option to an announcement and have the announcement transfer to ring group, queue or extension.

Sorry SkyKingOH, would you please explain.

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Or if you can tell me where to find a tutorial

Nothing to explain, every module has a destination, you just chain them together.

Your IVR option goes to an announcement that plays “transferring etc”, that announcement then goes to your destination be it a ring group, queue, extension etc.

All modules documented in wiki.

would you please give a link, thank you!

Look on top of this page, support - wiki.

You are making this so hard. Let’s say you want to use option 1 of IVR

1 - Go into systems recordings, record a “transferring” announcement
2 - In annoucements, create an annoucement with the recording made in step 1
3 - Go to IVR, in option 1 set destination to announcement made in step 2
4 - Go to annoucement - set destination to your extension, ring group or queue.

Thank you so much, but this I understand, the hardest part for me is when the caller dials in directly an extension.
According to your instruction, I create an announcement saying please wait while I try that extension, then how to direct my call after the announcement after it has been played, because I don’t know ahead which extension the caller would dial, I hope that I was clear enough, if you need more info please let me and excuse my poor english as it is not my native language.


In the Directory there is an Extension Settings check box that announces the extension before transferring.