Call Tracking + Record

Hello friends, I am new here in the Forum, I am installing a new Freepbx for the first time, with a 6 line SIP trunk… What I would need to do and I would like to know if it is possible is this:

I’m going to advertise 3 of those numbers to get calls, but when someone calls, I need to forward that call to a customer’s number and record that call …

It’s possible? Can you help me?

Create a Misc Destination for each customer.

Create an Inbound Route for each DID, point it to the corresponding Misc Destination, set Call Recording to Force.

This is the simplest setup and may not address all your needs. For example, unanswered calls will go to customer’s voicemail, not FreePBX (though the message left will be included in your recording).


Thankys Stwart1 !

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