Call to *number (gsm service provider callcenter *001 for example)

hi im having a lil trouble, i have a gsm gateway and i want to call my service provider for example in a cell phone i press *001 but i cant do that in the gsm trunk my calls have a prefix 99 so when i try to call 001 and press 99 and the phone hang up what can i do how can i call my service provider
how can i call to a *XXX
please help

I think you’re trying to dial 99*001 and it’s not working? There’s nothing in FreePBX that should stop you from doing that, if your outbound route is ‘99’ and then .

Maybe your phone’s dialplan doesn’t like it? (What, exact, error are you getting?)

i get a hang up tone… i mark 99* and after that it hang up…

i try removing the prefix 99 if i press *001 it hang up too so i dont know what to do
i have asterisk 11 and freepbx 12 my phones are grandstream1405 updated the firmware

As, I said, there’s probably something wrong with the dial plan. The dialplan tells the phone (not freepbx) which numbers you’re allowed to dial. Have a look through the web interface of the phone?

A google of ‘Grandstream 1405 dialplan’ just gives me the instructions of the phone

At a guess you’d need something like {99*x+} in your dialplan

well i made a test using zoiper… and the same thing happend… the call hangup… dont know what to do :frowning:

i mod the phone dial plan { x+ | x+ | xxx+ | xxxx+ }
and when i press 99*001 after 1 second it hangs up so now is not the phone
any idea???

Not without more information, no. Are you sure you have an outbound route? Have you watched the FreePBX logs when the call is going through? Is it just hanging up?

Really need more information.