Call stuck

hi, i am having issue sometimes in the middle of the call i can not hear the customer but customer can hear me and than i tried to disconnect the call but i can not disconnect so i need to exit the application (phonerlite) to end the call. i have freepbx and asterisk 16.17.0. here are some debug information but not sure if they are related to this issue:
DEBUG[5238] threadpool.c: Worker thread idle timeout reached. Dying
Contact 187/sip:[email protected]rip:52195;rinstance=d75f60532ff2c3de status didn’t change: Reachable, RTT: 212.294 (THE STATUS DIDNT’ CHANGE… I RECEIVED FOR TRUNKS AND ALL OF THE EXTENSIONS)

Sounds like a dynamic NAT or firewall rule, in a router, timing out.

but others extensions were working at that time and the freepbx is on the cloud

… and neither of those things would prevent a dynamic NAT or firewall session timing out.

Check your phonerlite configuration and the PC/Mac you are running it on. If the config on those is OK, then your next stop will be the NAT/Firewall. Look specifically in your RTP settings and make sure that your numbers are all making sense.

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