Call shows answered in CEL logs but call recording is of hold music

We have an issue with one extension. It seems like this extension will occasionally show that they answered the phone call but when we listen to the recorded call it is just hold music then entire time, besides when our receptionist answers the call. I don’t see anything weird in the logs but maybe someone with a trained eye can identify something or at least give me some clues on what to look for. We have over 50 extensions and it is only this one that experiences this issue occasionally.

The call log was way to big to post here so I created a Gist

That is way too much log to try to figure what is going on.You do not even mention which extension is it. Have you even bothered to call the extension yourselves to see what is going on?

It is extension 469. Here is a trimmed version of the log that I believe should contain the relevant lines for troubleshooting and yes we did call the extension but like I said it only happens occasionally and we haven’t been able to reproduce it.

It’s going to be hard to pin down the issue unless we can see it happening in the log. Maybe you go back back to when it did it last time, and find the corresponding logs.

The log I posted is the corresponding log for when it last happened. You can see on line 160-161 how there is an 18 minute gap of no activity. That is where the problem is. The caller called in and spoke to a receptionist who transferred the caller into a queue it shows that extension 469 answered the call. The issue however is that extension 469 did not speak to the caller at all, the call recording during the 18 minute gap is just hold music until the caller hangs up the phone.

You can see what is happening

[2020-11-02 08:38:45] VERBOSE[14978][C-00019815] app_queue.c: Local/[email protected];1 answered Local/[email protected];2

[2020-11-02 08:38:45] NOTICE[14978][C-00019815] app_queue.c: Delaying member connect for 1 seconds

[2020-11-02 08:38:45] VERBOSE[16998][C-00019815] bridge_channel.c: Channel SIP/469-00035e79 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <8e90a5e6-b4ca-4ac9-abf3-509e9355544f>

[2020-11-02 08:38:45] VERBOSE[16995][C-00019815] bridge_channel.c: Channel Local/[email protected];2 joined ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <8e90a5e6-b4ca-4ac9-abf3-509e9355544f>

[2020-11-02 08:38:45] VERBOSE[16995][C-00019815] res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class 'CompanyHoldMusic', on channel 'Local/[email protected];2'

[2020-11-02 08:38:46] VERBOSE[14978][C-00019815] file.c: &lt;Local/[email protected];1&gt; Playing 'custom/Qualified_Sales_Lead.slin' (language 'en')

The call went into Music on Hold. Maybe the phone was already occupied? Maybe should look at all the settings to what happens when the phone is in use.

My take on it is that agent 469 doesn’t like talking to callers, sometimes. He/she has learned that putting callers on hold allows for a variable length break for surfing Facebook. You won’t be able to reproduce the issue because they’re not going to put you on hold when you are testing.


I’ve checked the setup inside FreePBX to see if the agent is unavailable we send the caller somewhere else and I am not seeing anything like that. Is there any other way someone could be put on hold, or the hold music started without the agent explicitly pressing the hold button on the soft phone?

Music on hold ring?

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