Call sent to a busy queue redirected to external number if busy get it back

Hi there.
I am about to install a new disto and I have a question to see if what I need is possible.

A simple scenario :
Incoming call from external caller hits a queue where all agents are busy.
The call is transferred to an external 10 digits number (US) belonging to another company.
If after 10 seconds no one answers that call:

  1. Is it possible, and how to do it, to redirect that call to another (second) external number?
    if no answer on that second external number:
  2. Is it possible, and how to do it, to retrieve the call back to my PBX and send it to a queue?

Thanks for any help / idea I can get.

I know I won’t hold on that long. If I don’t get an answer of one kind or another within about 15 seconds, I just assume the business has gone under and never call them again.

As long as the call remains on your PBX, you have control. Once you transfer it to an external number, you can relinquished the control of the call and you are out of the loop.

you may be able to do what you want with ring groups. when all agents are busy it falls through to a ring group that rings the first number for the designated amount of time and if no answer you could take it to a second ring group and if no answer put the call back in the queue.

Cynjut: thanks for your recommendation, duly noted.

Hi bksales, thanks for posting. So what I understand is that as long the call (outside number) didn’t went through (since it was not answered) it is still under the control of the PBX?
I ask you since cynjut came with a different opinion…
Thank you,

What he said is when you transfer the call to an outside number you lose control. What I suggested was to use ring groups to ring the outside phones. If the call is not answered you can still do something with it. Not to sound harsh but in the time you spent posting this question and waiting for an answer you could have tried a ring group.

Hi there, thanks for clarifying… and totally agree with you, that is what I usually do, but in this case this is a requirement for a friend of mine to move from his current phone system to this one. Thing is that now I don’t have a box running that I can use to run tests. I’m planing to open a space in my computer and setup a disto. But I will still missing the sip lines for testing. In any case I got what you said and thank you for your time.