Call screening


The wiki has no information on call screening. Where is that configured?


See reply in your other thread.


I set this with the no memory option. Incoming calls are not getting screened (no announcement)

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Can you post a call trace and screenshots of your config?


Log trace coming up later


Something I have discovered when setting up the test with the log trace.

All incoming calls are routed to an IVR.

The caller has the option of dialing an extension directly or pressing 1 to reach a ring group.

If the extension is dialed directly, the caller is prompted to leave his name which means that the screening is working. When I answer the extension I can hear the options about accepting the call.

If the caller dials the option to go to the ring group, the caller is not requested to leave a name and all the extensions in the ring group are called in order so screening is not working for ring groups.

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Right, screening is working when calling the extension directly. I can’t see a way it how it can work with queues and ring groups.


What is the technical reason it won’t?/

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Does it matter what type of ring strategy is used in the ring group? Have you tried a queue, the dial is different for a queue, it may honor the screen?


I haven’t tried different ring strategies nor have I tried a queue. Will do


Changing the strategy for the group did not solve the problem. I’ll try a queue


I tried using a queue but no screening.

I’d still like to know the technical details about why this is different than direct call to an extension.

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Call screening is designed for direct calls, call screening will only break the call queuing if it would be enabled in a queue.

Can you please tell us what your end goal is here? What are you trying to achieve?


I didn’t intend to use a queue originally. I had a ring group set up an wanted the caller to have to say a name before the group starts ringing

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I follow what you’re doing to right here, but then what? The direct extensions have a reason for it, but what is the goal before initiating the ring to the entire group?

You can start your own process for this by routing the call to a record name option in a custom dial-plan and then route the call to the ring group. There’s nothing that will happen after that, but the name will be recorded for a minute.

If you have a user-story that you think might make a useful extension to the system, I recommend you write it up as a Feature Request and let the Sangoma programmers take a run at it. If you provide code that gets the process started, I’m sure that will move the project along a little quicker…

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