Call Screening


is is possible with the new feature “call screening” to only let users not showing their number to ask for their name and them who display their number directly connect to an extension?

Thanks in advance!

nope - but you can use privacy manager to do force them to put in a number at least.

To hijack the thread slightly…

How does call screening work with ring groups?

For example, most incoming calls are routed to ring group 599 which consists of 5 extensions. I’d like the call to be screened regardless of which extension answered the call.

Otherwise, this works just great and FreePBX is looking pretty awesome - I especially like the recent changes in ARI!

Thanks for all the effort!


Anonymous caller workaround solution:

Ring groups: On the extension with call screening enabled, just put the following in the “dial” field where is the ringgroup you want to ring:

“local/[email protected]

E.G. if your ringgroup is 602, do “local/[email protected]” in the dial field.

Call screening is a feature that will let a business to have a control over incoming and outgoing calls. If a number is screened it may be able to call or not. But depends on the configuration on what are the limitations applied to it.