Call Screening with Memory


I’ve enabled call screening on an extension and it appears to be working fine. What I’m curious about is the memory setting for the Dial command. Once a number is accepted, what does the call screening feature use as a look up for further calls from that CID?

My thought was that it used the ASTDB /cidname/* values, but when I delete an entry there, call screening sends the call through to the extension.

Just curious where to start looking in regards to this, and if there is a FreePBX module that would help with management (e.g., a telemarketing accidentally being added to the whitelist).

And to answer my question. With memory, if accepted, entry created in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/priv-callerintros.

E.g.: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/priv-callerintros/+15555551212.sln

Removing the file enacts the call screening mode again.

Helpful link:

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