Call screening only works for first extension in a follow me group

I have two extensions, 101 and 102. 101 has follow me set to 102. They each have call screening enabled.

After the request for a name, 101 rings and, if answered, gives the options to accept the call, pass to voicemail, etc. This works.

If 101 is not answered, the call goes to 102 but the name is not announced and the call screening options are not played.

Is there anything I need to add to make this clearer?

The same thing we always tell you: logs!

Log is there. Link is in my original post

Can someone tell me if it’s supposed to work like I think it should work?

I don’t think this can work. The way FreePBX currently calls the followme list does not include call screening.

It screens the first extension on the list but not the second.

Is the first extension same as the original extension number?

No. First extension is 101. Second extension is 102.

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