Call Screening for Follow Me

Hi. Does anybody know how to enable call screening for Follow Me? What that means is, before a call is sent down the follow me chain, the system will ask them to record their name after which this name will be provided to the called party for acceptance. Basically the same mechanism used for the extensions. It seems that if you enable call screening on an extension and then select ringallv2 on the followme settings, it will ask for the name to be recorded but the name is not given to the called party. Is that a bug? Is there a way to get the system to give the name to the followme recipient?

It seems if you have both extension call screening and followme call confirmation enabled, it will present the user that answers the call the follow me confirm calls options first then, after the call is accepted, the extension call screening options. So you have to use one or the other if you don’t want the user to accept the call twice. However, the follow me option allows you to hear the caller id of the caller while the extension call screening doesn’t. Conversely, the extension call screening provides the “caller name” recording while the follow confirmation doesn’t. I need both the “caller name” recording and the callerid number available to the person accepting the call. I guess I have to override the extension options to include one to playback the digits of the callerId. Anyone know how?