Call Screen and Ring Groups

How does call screening work with ring groups?

For example, most incoming calls are routed to ring group 599 which consists of 5 extensions. I’d like the call to be screened regardless of which extension answered the call.

Otherwise, this works just great and FreePBX is looking pretty awesome - I especially like the recent changes in ARI!

Thanks for all the effort!


I don’t remember, I think it may not be screened but the best thing to do is just try it and see:-)

Sorry, I should have added ‘because when an extension is rung as part of a ring group it isn’t screened :(’ … and I’d like it to be :slight_smile: — pretty please!

the dial plan can be a bit ugly, but you might try putting a # at the end of each extension which has the result of sending each one down the local channel. If they have Follow-Me it will go to their follow-me, etc. But I think that it will trigger call screening for any extension that has call screening.
As far as call screening per ring group, you’ll just have to make sure that there is a feature request for that on file (there may already be, check fist) so that it is not forgotten when devs are going through the list…

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