Call Routing questions


i have some call routing questions. Ill try to be as brief as possible

Current setup
business hours time group to time conditions, day ivr, press 2 tech queue, manually assigned agents
then i have the same setup for 7 Nights pushing to different IVRs for each night of the week pushing to different ques for each after weeknight.
IVR- after hours monday>>>>press 2 >>> queue after hours monday>>>static agent 702>>>follow me 702, 802 (zoiper android sip client)
the idea here is to be able to setup each of our after hours techs to receive calls on there mobiles through follow me with the client sitting in the queue until they get the call. i have so many queues and ivrs and time conditions because i just want to be able to set the queue agents at the beginning of the week and have the pbx route the calls all week ( and not have to depend on someone to remember to adjust the queue agents every day, especially on Saturday and Sunday this is an issue)

so i get to setting this all up and i run into one issue. The incoming route is being sent to a time condition and that time condition, daytime, has a match of “IVR day” and non match of “IVR after hours monday.” with this setup i dont see a way to get the system to ever go to the IVR tuesday, wednesday, thursday, etc.

Is there a better way to set this up so i can route calls to a queue on different days with different agents or am i just missing something in the call flow??

Just to clarify if i just setup IVR DAY QUEUE DAY and IVR AFT HOURS, QUE AFT HOURS everything works but i have to switch out the QUE members daily based on who is on call that evening.

Any ideas on how to accomplish something similar to this even if i cant do exactly what i want??

you time condition is wrong. it should be on match - ivr day, non match go to time condition tuesday. if tc Tuesday is a match then ivr day, if non match go to time condition wednesday, etc.

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