Call routing puzzle, with time conditions

System with about 100 DIDs
Some of the DIDs are associated with a voicemail box on a virtual extension
Some DIDs are not
During business hours the DIDs all ring to a queue
During non-business hours the DIDs without a voicemail box should be ring no answer
The DIDs with a voicemail box should roll to that box

I can set this up with a separate Time Condition for every DID with a mailbox, all tied to the same Time Group, but that’s a lot of setup. Does anyone here have a clever way to associate a DID with an extension, but still have the DID ring to a queue during biz hours, but then go to the voicemail box during non-biz hours using one Time Condition and Group?

Edit to add: One of the things we’re trying to accomplish is to be able to put the entire system in to ‘night mode’ with one feature code. If it’s setup with 100 Time Conditions I don’t think there’s a way to do so.

You could set it up to manage multiple DIDs to a single location, but in this use case, and the fact that different DIDs will be going to different mailboxes, make it not possible. At least I can’t see a way of doing it.

One time condition that goes to a dynamic route or queue depending on the condition. Do the VM routing on the one dynamic route.

Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

You can do this several ways in the dynamic route using the MySQL or AGI options.

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