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Hello all!

I have a new toll free number that I need to ring in a different way and could use some help.

At first, I had it going to a single extension but now the CEO wants it changed to ring that same extension first, if no answer then ring a different extension and also an external number at the same time and then dump into the original extension’s voicemail if nobody answers.

I’ve created a ring group with the second extension and the external number (with the # at the end of the phone number) but when I go to inbound routes for that toll free number I can only choose an extension or the ring group as the destination.

Is there a way to make the inbound route go to the first extension and then the ring group? The inbound routes menu doesn’t let me choose a second option, it’s only Ring Group or extension, there is no “and then do this” options. I know it’s possible but I don’t know what I’m missing.

Create two ring groups where the failover of the first goes to the second, then chain them together as

Inbound route → ring group 1 → Ring Group 2 → Voicemail

Outstanding. I rarely need to make changes in our system so sometimes these simple changes make me scratch my head. Thank you!

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