Call routing based on inbound call ID (CID)

I’ve been doing a lot of looking, found the older lenny solution and I was really interested in the Maclek solution here: Routing inbound calls based on CID Lookup Source

And this guide here from eventhorizons: Simple Inbound routing based on Caller ID - A Step by Step Guide

I’ve been looking and it really looks like Maclek has a great solution, but he doesn’t mention how he handles the https call out to his CRM database, so that’s a big gloss over.

I’m capable (just barely) of putting together a php page that would connect to a database and return a page with desired text, it’s something that I can accomplish. Perhaps using the blacklisted numbers table??

I didn’t want to revive Maklec’s older topic, but perhaps this is something that we, as a community, can refresh and finalize. Perhaps, realize enough to get Sangoma/Schmooze to put in an upcoming version?

It would just seem that setting up a couple of functions like *30, to drop CID info into a few buckets, admin page for entry with wild cards into those buckets (CID Groups?) or managing those buckets, all of this instead of just -BLACKLIST-, would not be too difficult. Having a path choice for those buckets wouldn’t be too difficult either, ie, CID Group Management > Group list > Mass Marketing Callers --> Announcement or IVR, Regular Customers --> Tech Support Ring Group.

Am I really off-base here? Did I miss a big thread on the issue somewhere? Is there something more recent than 2014 somewhere?

Thanks for the input.


You are not likely to have much success installing modules from 2014 on a current system unless they have been kept up to date by the maintainer.

Some bits to get you going:

  • Caller ID Superfecta can assign a Caller ID Name to a call based on the result of a URL
  • Custom Destinations (as noted in one of your links) allows you to break out of the GUI call flow to run your own custom dialplan, and allow you to return back if that option is chosen
  • The 3rd party Dynroutes module allows to you direct call based on a number of factors including a URL.


Thanks for the quick update. I’ll go ahead and investigate these options.

I certainly want to enable call blocking for the annoying telemarketers but I want a kinder, gentler blocking incase someone important get’s caught up in it.

I’d also really like to be able to automate certain callers to specific destinations such as a ring group.

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