Call rings agent in Ring Group even when Busy

I have a Ring Group(5001) set-up to answer calls as they come in. The calls are set to randomly distribute to agents in the list. I was asked to set it up so one agent would receive these calls first before the other agents, so I put that one agent in a Ring Group(5002) by themselves, and had that Ring Group(5002) fail to the original if there was no answer. I checked the Skip Busy Agents option so the call would forward to the next Ring Group(5001) if that person was already on a call.

Now this worked for what was asked, but now that person is getting calls on their extension, even when already on a call. The other agents are sitting there waiting, and this person is now having each call ring their extension, even when they are busy. My client is asking why this is, and I can’t find a quick solution.

Any help would be very appreciated.