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I’ve read about Camp-on functionality to place a call reservation if an extension is busy.
I can’t find it anymore in FreePBX Advanced settings, it has been replaced?

Yes, campon was deprecated. It was never updated to work with pjsip.

So there’s no way to make it with something else?
If I go back to chan_sip I can use it with FreePBX 16?

The old campon module still can be installed on FreePBX 16, but the code hasn’t been touched since FreePBX 13. No idea if it still works or not. I would advise against spending your time on something that is known not to work with pjsip.

How can I install it?

You shouldnt. Chan_sip is deprecated and being removed from Asterisk next year. You shouldnt do anything that depends on it at this point

Do you have any documentation stating the remove of chan_sip?
I don’t want to install it either, but I need to prove to my customer it is deprecated.

I could probably find more. From an Asterisk perspective I’ve done presentations at Astricon about it, tweeted about it, posted on the mailing list. Asterisk will even warn when it loads these days.

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Going to be straight up here. You actually haven’t said what the goal is here. All you said is “I read about camp on”. What are you trying to do actually? Because there may be solutions for what you are trying to do.

I was actually trying to do what camp on does.
When an extension is busy I want to receive a call from it when it is available again, or even just a message “Extension 123 is available again”

Have not tried this, but seems like it could work

  • Turn off call waiting
  • Change the extensions busy treatment to go to a custom context that builds a call file that will call the customer and play a message or transfer to the original extension, and name it with the extension number + epoch time
    7.2. Call Files
  • On hang-up, run a script that looks in the folder you placed the call file in and grabs the oldest call file that contains that extension number in the file name and moves it to the outgoing folder to place the call
    How to run the script after the call ends?
  • Thank @lgaetz

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