Call reports

I have a queue that I need to know how much calls were answered and how much weren’t

Currently when calling the queue (3000) call goes to ext 510 then 511 then 512 then 513 and then goes back to 510 and repeats

So when I try and use the report to get the number of calls from the queue (3000) I have 1 answered call and a lot of missed calls and I need to extract to excel and do the filtering manually

Is there a way to get the report correct directly from Freepbx

I believe there’s a commercial module for that, or you can look at

Alternatively, you can run queue show <queue number> to get statistics

thanks for the quick reply.

I checked the command however with the command I can only know how much calls were taken and I need also the missed calls :confused: also with the command I cannot get the data of yesterday :sa:

will try the plugin that you suggested thanks.

In the CDR Reports, you can filter calls by ‘disposition’ such that only answered calls are shown.

thanks I was that option however when it comes to the missed calls it isn’t good to get a report for that :S

will probably do something with excel for what I need :S

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