Call Reports, DID to specific dept extensions

Issue/Question: CDR no longer finding results based on DID to Extensions, but now does by Queues/Ring Groups.

A (small town) client of ours, who we’ve setup a FreePBX system for, has requested monthly call reports of a single department. Without giving out too much detail of the client, I’ll call this department Front Desk. For the last year or two, the reports have been easy. How many calls and how much time per day for the single department. Luckily for us, each department starts with a different double digit. So just a monthly search of a specific DID with the destination Beginning with 100.

I’m not sure if it’s a change in call routing (Call Flow Toggle, Holiday Time Conditions, Sub-IVR changes). Up until Dec 5th, all was fine. If it’s not system updates, then something not documented in our changes doesn’t line up.

When I do reports:
Set the Begin and End dates, whole previous month
Destination of 100 with Begins With set.
Set to Graph view instead, increase the report count from 100 to 10000.
Disposition to Answered, Sort by Day, Oldest First.
I’d get a report and all was fine. If not set to Graph, I’d get a list of all calls answered with their extension numbers.

Reviewing months before, if I compare seeing 100 extensions versus seeing the related Queues and Ring Groups, I get more numbers (time on calls and number of calls), in most cases close to double.

Image below is of late last month, of just the Queue/Ring Group Destination numbers. I had to list all the related Queues and Ring Groups for Front Desk in Destination, including the beginning of their extension group number. As you can see, the groups appear (7000s and 6000s), but not the extensions (1000s). If I did just 100 with Begin With for the Destination, I’d get just Dec 1-5.

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