Call Report on FreePBX

He All, Please I want to get the report for time it takes callers to get to our call queue.
We have some IVR setup on our freePBX that callers have to go through before getting to the queue to speak to an agent. I would like to know if it’s possible to measure that time it takes different callers to get to the queue

I know Q-xact report only give us report after the caller has already gotten to the queue.

Thank you

Go to Reports -> Call Event Logging and look at the Details for a typical call. If the info you want is there, it should not be hard to write a simple script, Excel formulas, etc. to extract the desired statistics.

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This is an interesting metric. Purely for curiosity may I ask why?
If you are looking to optimize your IVRs, Allison Smith has some great data as IVRs tend to be a big part of her world

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