Call register for a LAW FIRM

Hi guys,

I have a friend operating a very small and new law firm.

So I set up Asterisk 11, FreePBX 2.11 and 3 X Digium D40 phones for him.

He was explaining to me that normally, in a law firm, you should be able to dial a feature code or a number, so you may enter a client number, and therefore to following call will be logged and associated with the client.

Then, on a monthly basis (for example), you can get those logs, and see all the calls, listed per clients with their duration, in order to be able to bill your client for that.

Finally, the long distance calls should be highlighted since they will be billed with a high rate per minute / hour.

Anyhow, I was wondering if there was a module that would allow me to do that in FreePBX?


Take a look at the Pinset Pro module and see if it will fit your needs: