Call Recordings

I want to be able to record 20-30 simultaneous Calls with the ability to go back 1-2 months of call recordings with the average of about 200 calls a day. Each call is about 5-10 minutes long. What would you recommend for the specs for the server to achieve this? Virtual vs physical. Ect


I’ve got a bunch of servers set up to record 24 calls at a time. I use local servers and Rhino 24-port DAHDI cards. I can record all of the calls that come in and save them onto a 1TB drive without a problem. As WAV files, you’ll get about 6 months worth of recordings. Converting the files to MP3 (after hours) reduces the drive requirement down so that two years worth of recordings fit comfortably. The servers are 4-core Intel and AMD machines with 8G of RAM each.

Newer hardware (most of this is almost 10 years old) and more RAM would certainly make the recording part easier on the load average, but other than that, once I got it tuned up (thanks @jfinstrom) they’ve been working fine for the past 3500 days.

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