Call Recordings

I have Call Recordings enabled and working great, however a 10 1/2 min file is 56.5 mb. Is there another format the is recommended for smaller file sizes.

You could try searching, both here and maybe google, there are so many scripts out there that you can put into “post recording scripts” in advanced settings to reprocess. The smaller the file, the greater the compression, the bigger the loss of the original message content and the bigger the CPU usage (that’s why the recordings are basically saved as “raw”) , it’s your call, wav49 and mp3 are about 90% smaller, but nowadays how much is a 1Tb drive? and why are you using an undersized platform for your PBX?

I have plenty of storage. Just want to save disk space. I will do some more googling and see what I can find… Thanks for the input.

… or you can use “sox” to transcode the files during the night (when computing resources are more available).

I do this for a couple of customers that want to keep 5 years worth of calls in their data warehouse. We transcode every call down to MP3 (so it’s easy to listen to), then zip the original file up to keep the original file safe (two copies is better than one).

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I have the processing power that’s not a issue.

I am using a HP DL 380 G6 with 16GB ram and dual Xeon CPUs. I will look into sox as well. Thanks for the input

Then add some hard drives and stop fretting.

1TB/8kb = how many seconds ?

I am not fretting just wanting to efficiently use the 700GB to the fullest as we have to save all call recordings for Legal purposes.