Call Recordings status?

Can we consider that the “TSort_Data is not defined” js error on the Call Recordings blank page tells us that this page still in BETA stage? There is no php errors in logs. According to the previous forum posts, this page has a long past with being a blank… Also there are discussions about licensing of this page but according to Module Admin page, this module is

License: GPLv3+
Description for version
Provides much of the call recording functionality.

am I missing something? Can someone enlighten me and others confused like me?
What are the current and future status of “Call Recordings”?

There are no errors on the call recordings page, furthermore I am not sure what would even use TSort_Data as there is no call to anything named that. The module has never been in “beta” (I am unsure where you came up with that from). You didn’t reference any posts so I have no idea what you are talking about.

The license of the module is GPLv3. Are you confusing licensing with “paid/commercial” modules? Please note that licensing is NOT the same thing as a paid module. Not even in the slightest.

I don’t know how you are confused? What status are you looking for? There are no bug reports open against this module that say anything about a blank page or a tsort error.

Perhaps you can enlighten us more with screen shots or more details? I think you are confusing “Call Recordings Report” with “Call Recordings”.

“Call Recordings Report” is a commercial module, only available on the FreePBX distro. You’d have to pay for it. There are also no bugs opened against that. “Call Recordings” is open source/free

Hey @tm1000 you are thinking correctly, I mixed up a bit “Call Recordings Report” with “Call Recordings”. All commercial pages embeds related pages from if there is no paid license money for it. However “Call Recordings Report” shows blank page with JS (JavaScript) error
"TSort_Data is not defined____________config.php?handler=file&module=recording_report&file=recording_report.js:368", which can be seen from browser’s console (no need for screenshot I hope), at least on my distro FreePBX 5.211.65-15.

The BETA I took is from . I was expecting to see a similar page with text “BETA” before realizing that this page is commercial.

Thanks! Will look into this shortly

Are you licensed for the module? Its a paid module

@tonyclewis, no I am using the default distro with no extra commercial modules… for now.

I believe the unlicensed splash page is broken here