Call Recordings Report - File Size too Large

When our users log in to download the archived folders for recodings they get the message:

“Download Archive 1 - Due to the filesize of this file please visit /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/backup1.tar”

How can I set it to ignore the file size and allow them to download the file? the user does not have access to the SSH/WinSCP to get to the file.

The files are ranging from 2-5 GB

You can’t ignore it. It’s to large for php to handle.

Hi Tony

Will there be a solution to this problem please?

I have a couple of customers using the Call Recordings Report but I don’t give them SSH access, and their archives are in the region of 15GB per month.

Many thanks.

Kind regard, Nigel.

Marked as fixed in v14.0.1.21

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