Call recordings in subfolders all 44bytes in base folder full size but odd names

So I am working with call recordings the dir of /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2018/03/09 had recordings for each call but they are all 44bytes and of course no data. these files have file names as i would expect.

However there are also recordings in the base dir of /var/spool/asterisk/monitor these recordings are all full size and work but they are names things like 1520638975.237.wav and for the life of me I cant figure out the naming format so I can then work with these files…

this is freepbx 14 with asterisk 13

date -d @1520638975

it is a recording of the 237th call since you started asterisk.

But something is wrong here, how did you install your system?

Fresh install from the freepbx 14 iso 2 days ago.

every recording creats two files a 44byte file in the nested date directories I would expect and a working file in the root.

Those 44 byte files can be ignored. They’re created because you’ve turned on call recording at some point of the call path (which creates the file), but then said not to record further down the path, so nothing ever gets written.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for Asterisk to only create the file when needed. Just ignore them.

is it normal for teh usable files to be in the root of the monitor folder? not nested in date folders?

It used to be. In older Asterisk systems, the monitor files were dropped into the “monitor” directory and it was up to us to move them to a usable location. The modern system should be building a directory hierarchy based on dates.

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