Call Recordings Archive not deleting old recordings

I have my archive setting at 1mo. On Feb 1 the first archive was created. I still however see recordings from Nov of 2020 on the system. Do I need to check to chron job that deletes the recordings after they are archived?

Call Recording Report v14.0.3.15

Hi Mark

The Archive limit is set in months, so on the first day of the month when the cron task is triggered, all call recordings that are older than X months will be tarballed up and the individual recordings deleted. The archive tarballs are accessible from the Recording Archives tab, where the 3 most recent tarballs are available. Any older than the three most recent are purged automatically.

If sounds like that’s not what you’re seeing. If you’re running the most recent version ( then prob best to open a support ticket.

Will do. It does create the tarball but leaves the archived recordings accessible. Thank you

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