Call Recording

Is there a easy way to make ALL calls recorded, we are a small office so dont call each other, only really the outside world, i have setup call recording to always on the extensions.

but when i use a windows based dialer it doesn’t record, and also “Some” inbound calls don’t record.

we have an ivr setup, but for some reason, a call at 11:00 will be recorded but one at 11:05 won’t even though they came through the same menu


“windows based dialer”? which one and how does it initiate the dialing? If it is using injection then recording does not happen even if you define it for all calls. Search this site for call injection and recording and you might find some additional info on how to make it happen.

As for the issue with the IVR you need to be a lot more specific and/or provide a call trace for one that does and does not work. for example if a call goes into a queue you need to enable queue call recording otherwise it will not record the call.

i’m using snap at the moment, don’t know what method it uses

we don’t use queues, although we are looking into this.

basic call plan

IAX Trunk
Day night 1 (all calls voicemail) 
    Day                 Night
     |                    ▼
     |          Ext xxx Unavailable VM
day night 2 (night service)
    Day                 Night
     |                    ▼
     |                  IVR 2
     ▼                  Options
   IVR 1                1) Leave a VM
  Options               2) Follow me on call engineer
     ▼               ▼             ▼                    ▼
1) Support      2) Accounts     3)Sales           4) all other
     |               |             |                    |
     ▼               ▼             ▼                    ▼
Ring Group 100   Ring Group 200 Ring Group 300  Ring Group 400
     |               |             |                    |
     ▼               ▼             ▼                    ▼
Dept Unavail VM	Dept Unavail VM	Dept Unavail VM	Dept Unavail VM

Ring Group 100
Ext 110,115,120

Ring Group 200
Ext 115,120

Ring Group 300
Ext 110,115,120

Ring Group 400
Ext 110,115,120

hopefully that helps a little, if you cut and paste into notepad it should look right

If I remember correctly there is also a recording issue with Ring groups the same was as Queues, but I’m no expert on recording and don’t use it in that way here at work.

I tweaked your post so it looks correct on the screen.

Post a call trace of a call that does not record please.


how do i get a call trace i’m still pretty green at this whole Asterisk thing