Call Recording


Recorded call file plays A party first and then B party which makes it difficult to understand conversation.

Is there any way to save recorded call files in a way that it plays conversation in sequence/ manner it is made means when A party speaks and when B party speaks in conversation?


Could anyone help on above please?

This “error” has been asked and answered multiple times in these forums.
As I have my Magic Crystal Ball on service I can’t look in it and see what version of FreePBX you are using, nor can I see the distro used.

However, if you update sox I suspect that your problem will be solved

Free PBX version used is FreePBX
What do i need to do?

That is a VERY old, out of support, FreePBX, and I suspect that you use an old install of some sort.

It has nothing to do with FreePBX but with the Linux utility sox. You need to update sox to a later version.

Search for asterisk recording out of sync in Google and you will find a lot of posts about the issue.

sox.i386 12.18.1-1 is installed at the moment. When a call is recorded using *1 it creates 1 wav file but plays all conversation of A party first and then B party. I don’t understand how is it related to SOX and do i need to update this version of SOX to resolve this issue?

I searched for other post but i couldn’t fine much information.

Could you pls help if its going to get resolved with sox version update? It’s a live pbx that is why i am making sure.

I am sorry, I can’t assist you with this as it is a Linux issue and I have devoted my (free, no charge) time to FreePBX.
If there is someone else who read this thread feels like to jump in and give some help please do so.

There is always FreePBX Paid Support. That is what paid support is for.

Have you tried upgrading sox?

how to hear the recorded call… is there any codes???